Quixofixed: Mayhem in Putrajaya Nov 22, 2010

20 people showed up in the rain to ride in Putrajaya and Quixofixed was there to document the fun and mayhem.

  • aj austin

    you know how i know you’re gay? you like coldplay

  • That is an amazing video.

  • Thanks John,cheers!

  • senyum

    hey aj austin. you’re all hunky and all tough guy, eh? there’s no need for the negative comments man. we are all in a cycling community and we ride for the love of cycling. if you wanna be all tough guy about it, go join WWE. sucker. what’s wrong with loving music? i feel sorry for you, man. anyways, peace. enjoy the video. once again, we’re sorry we didn’t use your favourite band’s music mr AJ AUSTIN. heheh.

  • Quixofixed

    c’mon aj, listening to coldplay doesn’t make you a gay…
    the point for all of us is to enjoy the ride,k?
    cheers Prolly.*thumbs up*