Pristine: San Marco Concor X Nov 18, 2010


Saddle collaborations are in style this season! This just in from Pristine:

“We at Pristine are part of that new generation of cyclists as well, and we are honored to be working together with San Marco and are able to present this limited edition saddle; the San Marco X Pristine Concor X.

Limited to 200 pieces worldwide, once these are gone – they are gone forever. Made out of white Microfeel material instead of leather, these seats are 100% vegan. And the perforated cover gives it a nice vintage touch. With a subtle San Marco X Pristine logo on the side of the saddle. We hope you like these as much as we do.

Available at a special price for pre-order right now in our online shop

Solid! White saddles look awesome all broken in.

  • John! Damn, you’re quick. Haha. Thanx for reposting this for us, I was about to shoot you an email but you already got it covered. We appreciate it, as always.

  • fyx

    All it needs is some orange accents…

  • You should add more tags to each of your posts. It would add diversity; diversity wins. Make one for ‘bike parts’ instead of products, or in addition to. Maybe some people just wanna look for saddles?