Perseverance Nov 13, 2010

Riding worldwide, you need perseverance, even in Brazil!

  • aj

    Maybe ‘Perseverance’ references the prequel to this video? If I could pick a different word for the video, it might be ’emosnore’. I usually like the videos on here (also Antony & The Johnsons), but this was like a mopey and boring Calvin Klein ad. I also thought the tattoo shots were a cheezy or weird; they were deliberate, so, are they trying to be sexy, or lend cred, or what?

  • dp

    Self indulgent, contrived and a parody of itself, seriously half the fixie vids posted on Vimeo nowadays fall into this catagory. Slow-mo-close up of flash art tattoo- focus pull-bike detail-slow mo- cut to skid-skid some more – it’s just boring and embarrassing to watch ( i know – i know – stop watching then). Im not into tricks but they’re the vids that actually offer more in terms of actual content as opposed to this “lifestyle” bullsh*t. The other day I subjected myself to 7 minutes (yes 7 minutes) of some french bag company following their poster boy riding around paris looking oh so “cool”, i made a mental note to never buy any of their products. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to bomb some hills after i get a tattoo of a mexican skull with a cog for it’s eye socket.. etc etc.

  • rdrey

    i feel what the first two posters said. a bit emo and slow. but i thought the video was nicely done. and on the spectrum of “fixie kid” to cyclist, i’d say he’s closer to the latter. his personal image aside, check out the guy’s shoulder muscles, and quads and calves. you can tell he’s got some miles on them (yes, i’m telling you to check out a dudes muscles, deal with it). at least he’s out riding, challenging his body and mind, like the better of us choose to do.

  • Marty

    Hmm… a more appropriate tag might have been “Narcissism”

    Just say’n

  • Do you know what song it is?