Orange 20 Bikes: Big Red and His Macaframa Raleigh Track Nov 30, 2010


Josh “Big Red” Hayes blew a lot of people away with his debut performance in Macaframa. When I first saw his section in Vegas three years ago, I was blown away. Dude was blasting full and 540 cabs on a legit track bike. Looking back on that now, it was probably the most ridiculous shit I’ve seen. Sure, we all ride fixed freestyle but not on a Samson NJS bike with Dura Ace.

What are those hippies in Cali smoking? Who knows but one thing’s for sure, this has gotta be one of the best signature Raleigh x Maca track frames out there.

Check out more photos at the Orange 20 blog!

  • RyanK

    Josh “Big Red” Hayes had the best part in Maca Hands DOWN (The Murder City Devils Song /may/ have helped)! Can’t wait to see that big beastly ginger mashing on this new frame!!!