Matt Lingo: Boothby Handplant Nov 20, 2010

Photo by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo saw Terry B’s photo of Boothby and decided to give it a whirl as well. Matt, this looks awesome. I thought it was digital at first.

  • Matt Lingo


  • Jake Ricker

    Fuck fake film post processing!

  • Matt Lingo

    that’s it Jake, I’m burning Dan’s poster I made of you. going to give it some real film burn.

  • RJCrouch

    The real question is did he land this?

  • Matt Lingo

    noo i only put out bail shots!

    an elevated engineering edit will be out next week of him landing it.

  • Jake Ricker

    Do it!
    You know I will still love you.

  • Jake Ricker

    But I do actually like this shot a lot.
    My hate for photoshop comes from my lack of computer skills.
    I suck at it! :)