Mash SF: Commemorative Giants Sticker Pack Nov 2, 2010


I don’t really watch or follow a lot of sports but when a sporting event instills pride in your city, I can get down with that. The Giants are on their way to the world series and to celebrate Mash created a commemorative Giants sticker pack. Grab one here while they last.

Edit: yes they won this post was scheduled prior to that.

  • Nolan

    “on their way”


  • Seriously?

    “On their way to the world series”?

    It’s over already. They won.

  • Julian M.

    Giants won already, big guy

  • Craig

    Giants won the world series last night, just an FYI. The stamp/block sticker is sick.

  • noah

    when did you schedule this john? they won last night!

  • Not on their way… They won!

    Go Giants!