Marty from Geekhouse’s Mudville Team Cross Bike Nov 9, 2010


If one thing’s true about the Geekhouse crew, they’re all DTR. We took a look at Brad’s Rockcity earlier today and now we get to take a look at Marty’s Mudville cross bike. His just so happens to be a team bike, sporting the brightest colors on the course!

Check out more photos below.


The s-bends are just so sexy!


SRAM, keeping that shit baller’


The Geekhouse logos just pop!


The pink and blue accents are carried all over the bike.


Just like Brad’s Marty has a sticker on the front of the Yo Marty! fork.


I love the way cross bike’s cockpits look.


So mean!


That’s one good-looking bike. If you see it around Boston, make sure you sniff the saddle! You can’t miss the colors at cross races either, especially when they podium! Tomorrow I’ll post my shop visit to Geekhouse bikes. But for now, check out more photos of Marty’s Mudville here on my Flickr.

Thanks for the hospitality this weekend guys.

  • EzPz

    nasty as expected from geekhouse, keep it up Marty & Co.

  • steffie

    Looks alright. What are the cranks? – My eyes can’t read it from the picture.

  • i never miss a good saddle sniff when i see my man marty. noted.

  • lookin good n muddy marty! makes me want a cross bike…

    steffie – sram rival bits throughout