Los Boyz Nov 29, 2010

Boy puts his bike together. Boy rides a bike. Boy bombs a hill on said bike. The end.

  • no puedo creerlo.

  • chris

    this guy is riding hella fast down what seems to be a gradually graded, very long hill. so why all the out of focus shots and cutting it off waaay before the bottom? people try to get too artsy and forget that a good hill bomb is always worth seeing without any extra fluff.

  • el poet

    prolly i’m exporting the teaser again, this time with credits, and saying “coming soon” at the end so that people don’t get confused. I’ll send you the link.

    -xavi medina

  • Weso

    Chris, it doesn’t say it here in the link but if you go to the vimeo page it is labeled as a teaser… so I think it is supposed to tease… you hence the fade out? Also I do know a little about Los Boyz from PR, and I think this is more of a documentary about a group of guys who ride in San Juan, not just a “bike” video of guys doing hill bombs.