J.P. Weigle: ’86 Early Cyclocross Nov 16, 2010


How rad is this? Back when mountain bikes were “allowed” to race cross, J.P. Weigle took to the course with his self-made bike. This was in 1986, hence the hairnet and other components from the period. Here’s what Weigle has to say about it:

“The rules allowed mountain bikes back then, and some of us were very competitive against the classic cross machines, those rider’s were upset when we did well.
I raced at 110% effort and pretty much collapsed at the end of each race.”

Solid. Check out two more photos here and here. I love the Suntour hat over the hairnet in that last one.

  • paul

    cross was around well before 86. and 86 was still the early days of mountain bikes. rules had yet to be made regarding them.

  • yes but cross was still early to Weigle in 1986, which was why he entitled those photos “early cross”. He won a lot of races on that bike.

    And I know cross has been around longer than 1986:

  • hater69

    You can still race cross on mountain bike in any USAC race thats not also sanctioned by the UCI…

  • jlj

    In 1986 nobody inn the USA gave a rats arse about cross. As for Peter, he was always the king of the Thursday night training ride. But, he builds a beautiful frame!