Hipster City Cycle Nov 3, 2010

I usually cringe at the word “Hipster” but in this case it’s pretty fitting. The Hipster City Cycle game is a pixel-art bike race adventure set in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Check out Hipster City Cycle for more information. Hell, I’ll probably play it!

  • d.patrick1a

    is it just riding around and doing track stands? there should be alittle more maybe timed delivery of packages or something.

  • Those are just the basic mechanics of the game, we’re working on system that will generate new challenges around different aspects of the game like timed package delivery, racing a rival, flirting with a specific number of girls, track standing a certain time, hitting a specific speed, time, etc. Completing challenges unlocks new bikes maps and challenge types. Let us know if you have other ideas for challenges at facebook.com/hipstercity

  • wheres the wheelies!

  • I’m digging the classic 8-bit sound track and graffics. The game play in this early release does remind me a lot of this comedy bit:


    Nice start so far!