Hardcore 100: Pump Up the Locals Nov 30, 2010

Photo by Kyoichi Ozaki

Do you guys remember Hardcore 100, aka Kyoichi? He was one of the OG Japanese fixed freestylers. Dude had the photos and videos on lock for years in Japan. He took a few photos of Doggy from Weird Pista recently and uploaded them to his blog and Flickr. I suggest you check them out!

What exactly is going on here? NO IDEA!

  • samm

    HAHAH DOGGY IS SO FUCKING FUNNY MAN! i have no idea wats goin on in his videos but you can just tell he is the funniest cunt ever.

  • Brody

    Wild, Doggy is such a funny and energetic dude. Fuckin’ love Weird Pista.