Grime: New Tees Nov 15, 2010


Brooklyn’s Grime has some new threads for you to get grimy with. Three new designs, all for $25 each.

Check out the other two designs below.

*Shirt does not come with buds.


Swoop them up here and now everyone go repost this.

  • HATE

    prolls i’m surprised we dont see more of you getting annoyed with everyone taking your content. you put up something and then everyone else does. call them out1 let the hate flow my mayne. makes life more fun

  • Nicholas

    I ordered a frame from these guys over 5 months ago and still no word. They wont return my emails and now everyone is telling me that no one is building there bikes. So this is Grime?

  • james

    nice shirts but i heard the same about their frames.

  • Nicholas, did you email them?

    Why is every comment thread turning into a shitshow as of late? Is it the winter blues setting in?

  • krillz

    nick did you order through our site?? or another shop? shoot me an email.

  • snatchsnaps

    krillz, all business.

  • ha!

    $25 for a screen printed tshirt with crappy designs
    lame. sorry. i’m not 15 and don’t think pot is the coolest thing ever anymore

  • Gotta give them a break man they are just starting they aren’t just shipping them in from Japan. New stuff like this takes time and money which isn’t always easy. I’ve delievered frames for them myself, they are doing the best they can to keep up

  • Ten

    grime guys i’m also wondering what happened to my t-shirt/stickers order from last august, never got anything, no reply to my mails…

  • joe

    nic i had a similar experience with the company.. took 3 months to get me a sweatshirt and then they sent the wrong size.. not a very legit company

  • krillz

    hey, TEN send me an email @ [email protected] with your real name and transaction ID and ill make sure you get taken care of asap.

    Also, if you got the wrong size, we can switch it out of course! With so many orders going out, sometimes i mess up!