Get Rad this Weekend Nov 19, 2010


I spent the entire afternoon shooting photos of Alan from Cycling WMD on his Milwaukee Bruiser Tallbike. This thing is so much fun! With the same angles as a track bike, I’ve never ridden a more responsive tall bike. Here’s Alan skidding it sideways. Get on your bike this weekend and get rad!

Alan will post his bicycle portrait photos on Monday and afterwards, I’ll put mine up. Stoked!

  • Did Matt Lingo shoot that photo?

  • Such an ass Kyle! NO. It was really dark and I had to up the fill light and contrast. I don’t like doing a lot of post-process but with the light today and the composition of the photo, I decided to keep it and try to make it look better.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with Lingo’s photos I just like to do the least amount of post possible.

  • wild style

    W A T E R M A R K

  • I just love giving you a hard time John! See you in February!

  • Terry B

    LOL Kyle…

    That’s what I thought at first glance. I thought to myself, “when did I add Matt Lingo as a flickr friend?

    “It’s the high pass, black as shit blacks, and sloppy brush marks that make it feel so Lingo. :)

  • Wilis

    I would like to see the before post shot.

  • NWD

    Does that mean theres a tall bike production frame in the works or that can be ordered? Or was it a one off frame? I would love to own a basic tall bike.

  • here it is with a minimal amount of retouching.

  • scorch

    wow, two best internet people hanging out together, loverly

  • Lukas

    VAMOS A LA PLAYA..have you see this?

  • Lukas, yes I posted about it. Search. ;-)

  • scorch

    that “vamos” thingie took place a while ago. what’s it got to do with John and Alan and tall bike skid??