Geekhouse Bikes: Tom’s Rockcity Nov 30, 2010

Photo by Heather McGrath

Perhaps you recognize this frame from my Shop Visit at Geekhouse? Tom is so tall that Marty and the crew had to splice two tubes together at the seat tube cluster to fit his massive stand-over. He was so tall that they didn’t even have to cut down the seat stays! Wow. Every framebuilder faces clients like that and Geekhouse’s design accommodated the somewhat quirky requirements with style! Coincidentally, I guessed the CTC of Tom’s seat tube at first glance. HA!

Check out more photos by the talented Heather McGrath at the Geekhouse Flickr.

Ok guys, now it’s time for my Woodville!

  • joe

    what was the CTC of his seat tube?

  • CLL

    Super high rise bars minus ugly A-headset spacers obsolete = CLASSY!

  • 65cm. I love the bike. Personally, I woulda gone for all black or all silver components but I’m kinda boring like that.

  • d.o.p.e.

    What handlebars are those?

  • Thomas

    Fuji used to make production bikes with 68cm CTC seat tubes. at 6’8″, I was lucky enough to find one on Craigslist a few years ago. It astonishes me when people comment on how tall my 63cm conversion is, when to me its always seemed a fairly common size. Glad to see I’m not the only one who needs on of these beastly frames to ride in comfort.