Geekhouse Bikes: The Beginning of my Woodville Touring Bike Nov 9, 2010


Last year, at the NAHBS in Richmond, Marty from Geekhouse approached me about doing a custom Woodville touring bike for the NAHBS this year. After kicking around ideas all week, last night we sat down and sized me for a bike and began to work out some details. My freakishly-long inseam and long arms but short torso is usually a problem for me to find a good fit on a production bike which is one of the reasons I am so stoked on getting a custom!

So far, most of our ideas will have to remain a bit of a secret but let’s just say it’s gonna be an interesting bike that screams my personality and Geekhouse’s flair. I cannot wait to see how it turns out. I’ll post future updates as events warrant.

  • andy

    you posted our (andy n sandi) woodville frames awhile back. they are done, ‘cept for a few tweaks, and are totally bitchin!! maybe nar-mar has shown em to ya? we will have em wit us in AUSTIN! oh, hell yeah! kisses, nar-mar a n s.

  • s

    What a tease.
    No details, really?
    Loaded or sport or credit card touring?

  • camping / panniers or a bob trailer / from ATX to NYC early spring.