Fuzzy from Bicycle Revolution’s Fuji Track Townie Nov 3, 2010


Bryan used to be a courier in Philly. His beard gave him the nickname “Fuzzy” by his dispatcher. A few years ago, Fuzzy quit his messenger job and opened Bicycle Revolutions, one of the finest bike shops ever. EVER! Now, in his older days, he desires a more laid back ride. He took his old Fuji track bike (pre-Taiwan fabrication) and added some steez to it. Sweat Hogs B.C.!

If you’re in Philly, swing through and say hi to Fuzzy and the gang. Solid dudes!

  • So, my co-worker Ben from my first bike shop job gave me the name “fuzzy”. As I already had a couple wnters on the road as a messenger the beard was essential protection from the cold and ice and snow.
    When I went back on the road working for Time Cycle, my dispatcher Brian Baker had dibs on the radio, so “fuzzy” was now my handle.
    I had left the road finally about a decade ago, same year that CMWC came to Philly (originally scheduled for Boston). Worked at a couple more shops before opening Bicycle Revolutions in the spring of 2006.
    The Fuji was made in Japan circa 1975, purchased by the original owner from the Broken Spoke in Allentown Pa. Probably spent most of it’s life on the velodrome in T-Town. Now my stylin’ townie with Nitto Dove bars. I found it on the bay and fell for the color combo.
    That’s my story…
    ps *SWEAT HOGS!