Fixed Gear London: Oscar Destroy Nov 15, 2010

Oscar seriously kills it. Barspins everywhere and a good mix of tech and balls to the wall riding. I’m not usually a fan of gabber but that gap at 2:35 mandates a fast beat and the 180 at 3:00 is still big. I could watch people 180 that stair set all day.

Seriously though, is that some Rotterdam Terror Corp playing Andy?

  • haahhaha i chose the music and its neophyte-i will have that power
    i got it from here its real good

  • FunnyMoney

    someone needs to exterminate and destroy that song but good edit

  • aj austin

    i muted the sound and played this instead. made it much better

  • sol

    yo oscar you fucking rippppp
    and keeping it 700c!!!
    is that the 60c big apple tire my mate left at 14 a bit ago????

  • TT

    Yeah Oscar, sick! Mike and Ed told me about this!