Fixed Gear London: LockWhip Tool Nov 7, 2010

Andy from Fixed Gear London demonstrates how simple it is to use their LockWhip Tool. Simple enough!

  • That is not simple enough. Why wouldn’t you just get a fixed-fixed hub with two different sprockets?

    One reason I ride fixed is the simplicity. So, I barely mess around with anything. This might be nice for the shop, but on the road it just seems superfluous.

  • matt

    with devin here..

    if i wanted the ability to change gears i’d ride a multi speed bike. maybe they’re looking to start a trend of stopping to change sprockets at the bottom of every big hill in town, but i can’t see it.

  • maze

    It’s just stupid.. Anybody who rides fixed knows how to use that tool. But I would also just get a fixed/fixed hub if I needed to change my wheel so badly during riding..

    The only cool thing about the video is that dudes riding. London is seriously a sick city to ride.. And he’s pretty hardcore on that..

  • This is a demonstration video to show that the tool works in a real world environment.

    My 7 other bikes have double sided hubs, but this particular bike only has a single sided Phil.

    If you have ridden long enough on a Fixed Gear Bike, you will know that a lock ring tool/chain whip is never around when you really need one.

    The point of the video is not to fucking show that you can change gears!

    I’m gonna have to put some sort of simplified text on the beginning of the next video… or something.

  • OMG your guys are fucking funny!!! you will have to change your sprocket at some point in your lives, this video is a demo of how simple the tool is to use. Not all track hubs are fixed fixed, should I spend $$$$ on a new hub or a few quid on this tool? hmmmmmmmm this tool has a spanner on it so you can also use it to turn your wheel around. I thought the word “DEMO” in the title would have given you a clue its a demonstration that the tool works. Disregard everything I just said your off the peg $300 fixie bike comes with 2 sprockets already look like your set for life!

  • dave

    I couldn’t agree more, double fixed hub for the win. If you reeeaaalllly have to switch up then why not do it in the comfort of your home? also if he can generate enough torque in 2 seconds flat with that tool then his cog is blatantly not on tight enough. Either way, a handy tool to own but not something Id be riding around with.

  • Tony

    With Devin and Matt here too. That tool is pointless, as Devin said, get a fixxed-fixed hub with two different cogs.
    Totally agree!

  • arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! the tool is useless??? what??? you are a bit simple eh! Should shimano stop making tools too then? I really think you miss the point! You people clearly do not have a clue about….well anything! When out riding my bike its good to have tools with me, you might be a bit too pussy to deal with this extra weight so stick to doing stuff in the comfort of your own home and leave the streets free for the real riders. If the sprocket was not on tight enough he would not have made that gap at the end. If you think its not possible to generate that much?! torque in 2 seconds you really are a fucking softy! You do not know how retarted your comments are to me….seriously next time i’ll draw you a picture with crayons!

    (Sorry for the rant John but I had to get it off my chest)

  • Re Andy: “If you have ridden long enough on a Fixed Gear Bike, you will know that a lock ring tool/chain whip is never around when you really need one.”

    Pedro’s Trixie is always in my bag, and I always have my chain for tightening cogs.

  • Velo


  • Paul

    Pedro’s Trixie wins for me!
    Fixed Gear London loose.
    This Andy sounds like a d*ck…”I HAVE 7 bikes and this one have a phil single”..Who cares?!
    Stupid video.

  • You care because you watched and had that much of an opinion that you felt the need to comment. Yep I am a dick :)

  • Pffff bunch of wasters! Is it a competition? What have any of you ever done to help fellow riders? All this was is a video to demonstrate how a tool designed by riders to be used by riders really works effectively. Keep buying pedro stuff I dont give a shit, but this hating is pathetic. I’m sure I’ve been riding longer than most if you have known about track bikes so I don’t give a shit what you think! Honestly what a bunch of losers! I just hope one day you all grow up a but and put as much effort into riding as you do talking shit on the net. Bunch of fakengers, not a term I like but it can be seriously applied here!

  • Paul

    Fakengers? Ha! lol
    Anyway, I have been riding my bike since I was like 3year old bro!
    Who is Redrum anyway? you seem to be spending as much time as everyone else here. If not more. You wrote more then anyone else.
    Anyway, people’s opinion on the tool havent been good so far right?
    Good luck!

  • well an opinion is only valid when it’s actually based on something…..have any of those people actually got one of the tools? And obviously I wrote more than others and defended the tool because I filmed and edited the video you donut.

  • Chris

    I think all the pettyness aside, its a good tool, it clearly works, its a decent size, if you cant be bothered carrying it go to a bike shop and pay them money to do it.

    Ps. i have one so i can also honestly say its very well made and works good.

  • Benji

    Haters gonna Hate……