Favorbikes: Achilles 26″ Fixed Build Nov 22, 2010


It’s time to play guess this frame’s precedent! I’m only half kidding of course. The new Favorbikes Achilles 26″ fixed frame has curves in the right places and a wishbone seat stay. While I thought it was a 700c model before, this is one of the first frames to come out of Taiwan designed for 26″ but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more. 26″ fixed makes a lot of sense for the smaller riders and I gotta say, the proportions look nice here. Check out more photos at Spun Crew.

Favorbikes: Achilles Freestyle

  • Tyler Johnson

    If this is actually 26″ specific there is no reason what so ever for the bent seat tube. If you look the tire would easily clear with it being straight. Would lower the cost for them if they did it straight too.

    Anywho I liked the Kilroy, so I like the way this looks.