Elevated Engineering Presents Josh Boothby Nov 23, 2010

Matt Lingo shot a video of Josh Boothby for Elevated Engineering and Leader. So many bangers in here, including that feeble to 3 in the beginning and the ring hop! Solid riding, filming and editing.

  • Fonseca

    Fuck what everyone else thinks, Boothby is the best rider out there. Matt Lingo just proved it. Pushing the bar higher. Control of bike! Look and you can see control of the bike. First feeble 180 bar Ive seen.

    Keep killing Josh

  • I saw him ride in LV and LV. Good rider.

  • Ryan

    wow. that was too much awesome for my computer to handle.
    everything looks better b&w and slow, thats for sure.

  • rico

    he’s good ayte fonseca, but ure no good

  • John Coffee

    Rico shut up. I’ve seen Chris ride and I wouldn’t play him in a game of bike. Josh killed it.

  • rico

    hello john coffee, i didnt mean he’s no good with bike, what i meant was, due to some bullshit he did towards tom lamarche that makes him no good, get my point?

  • john coffee has killed people