Dmitry Gudkov: #BikeNYC Portraits Nov 24, 2010


Dmitry Gudkov takes photos of people who ride bikes in NYC, regardless of what kind of bike they have. He recently asked me to be a part of his #BikeNYC Portraits series and so one day last week, we went out and took some photos. You can check the rest of the photos out here and see the entire series on his Flickr here. It’s so funny that people don’t understand basic rules of perspective. When an object is in front of another object, it will appear to be larger than it is. Dumb dumbs. That’s the one bike that fits me perfectly!

  • b. taylor

    Nice set!

  • I’d consider someone that rides a 62 to be fairly tall. This has nothing to do with perspective. That’s clearly an above-average length head tube.

  • no shave november?

  • pepe


  • Hey man, I’m totally in love with this bike!
    What bar tape are you using? It looks like a nice red-ish brown. Might sway me from going all white with my tape and saddle…

  • Craig

    Is it just me, or does the second pic of those three look like a figurine? Great photos nonetheless.

    also, that bike is huuuuuge.

  • Yep- your bike is real cute!