DK Shop: Good Morning Seoul Nov 15, 2010

It’s official; Seoul is the new hot spot for fixed freestyle edits. Sorry So-Cal, you guys lost your crown for the moment. Seriously, it’s like every other day now that DK Shop puts out a new video. My RSS is constantly flooded!

  • Andrew P.

    It was such a good fixed freestyling edit that it didn’t even need to have any fixed freestyling in it.

  • +1 on the Seoul being the new So-Cal. What I love about this edit is that it’s beater/leftover footage that DK had lying around that he threw together.

  • Props to DK! I know you’re reading this. NYC misses you!

  • miket

    jsut make sure you got on the newest air jordans, your 300$ windbreakers hood is propped up just right, and your new supreme hat is at correct angle before smashing… tehehe

  • jerkface

    I think he is wearing vans.