Dice: The Pitbull Nov 1, 2010


Damn. Is there no shame? I know GOrilla just recently went extinct and all but come on guys. The new Dice Pitbull is an exact copy of the Killroy. I guess they’re trying to continue the tradition of a frame design.

  • Rick

    it was only a matter of time until this happened, hopefully its alot cheaper than the kilroy. everyone wanted that frame but the price was just beyond ridiculous. still looks good even for an exact copy.

  • mike


  • Anthony

    I think it would be nice if the frame didn’t die with GOrilla. Would it be better if another company bought up the brand and IP? Though, 980,000 SKW is $877 US. So it’s not cheaper.

  • what the fuck

    kilroy is dead but kilroy make a big stroke

    this is fake

  • 8pmhangover

    Anthony, $877 is for the complete bike.

  • wade

    where is that stair/ramp?

  • EG

    so a copy of a complete kilroy for less than the price of real kilroy frame? im fine with that.

  • DJ Mull

    this is good,maybe a lot more companies will make completes!the more bikes means the more riders and the more riders means the more progression and also more viewers of your website john! we need more less expensive completes to help with the “entry level”riders and people that are getting into the sport! this is like a middle complete but we need like 300.00 cheap but decent completes so more people can get into the trick scene!and the sport can grow! every kid that buys one of these will break something or need new straps or wheels or bars or even a better frame! so it just is good imo that there is more companies taking interest in fgfs,they will look at your blog,buy mags,buy videos,buy better frames and parts and support the scene also create new ones! i think all bikes are good,it does look like a kilroy but thats cool,the kilroy looks good! so maybe someone who wanted to spend nothing over 500. will pony up and spend the 800. and then in 6 months buy all new parts!

    i think that we need to support all bikes coming into the fgfs market,because it is great for everyone

  • I’m fine with all that man. I just wish they’d, I dunno, do something original with the frame? Nah mean?

  • Rick

    i think truly original design is real hard to come by these days, im glad the kilroy didnt TOTALLY die with GOrilla cuz they were a good company but that was a really good looking frame that didnt have to go down with it. yes they could have done something original with it but hey, dont fix it if it aint broke i suppose.

  • Eric

    I may be wrong, but this seems like more extreme curves, I think it looks kinda goofy, but selling complete bikes is always cool, helps people get into fun riding.