Devotion and His Gazelle Cross Nov 28, 2010


I got my first roll of Ilford XP2 out of the Canon EOS-3 back from the developers and man, what a great roll. I love the clarity of a DSLR on film. Call me a n00b but this is the first time I’ve ever shot with a film SLR and pairing full frame plus my f1.4 50mm lens produces some stellar photos. I’ll be leaking them one by one, starting with Matthew Devotion and his Gazelle cross bike. I ran into him in the neighborhood yesterday right after he finished up a training ride to prepare for a race today.

Check out a few more photos at my Flickr.

  • Good shots, John. I especially like the other photo of Devotion’s bike- it’s well balanced with a nice depth of field and beautiful bokeh. You say full frame… were you using a 4/3 DSLR before? What kind of lens are you using, and where did you get your film developed?

    Also, and I hope it’s not unwelcome, but I want to comment on the film vs. digital debate a bit. I understand the allure of film, as I shot almost 30 rolls of it as I traveled cross-country recently. It’s fun to load it, wind it, and to feel the heft and solid build of those old SLRs- mine is a Konica T3, which is on sale on Ebay if you’re interested ;)- but for a poor chappy like me, it’s just too damn expensive and time consuming! I’ve got an Olympus E-510 on order, which I’ll use with the kit lenses and also with adapted Konica Hexanons, and in theory anyway, it should produce images of better clarity than film, minus the color depth.

    However I totally agree with you that there is an urge with digital to go auto, and to avoid that I’m just turning the LCD off and switching everything to manual. I don’t know too much, but it seems to me that digital nowadays is as good or better than small format film in all respects, and it puts the developmental aspect back into my hands. I can do the editing, exposuring and all that jazz on the computer. There’s an interesting article about this here: that I thought you might find interesting. Anyway, that’s my two cents for what its worth. Good shots, and keep up the stellar work!

  • Yeah, I’m using a Canon 1.4 50mm lens and there’s a place around the corner from me that develops to a CD in an hour.

    I shot a little bit in college. Not much, but I learned the basics. Then I religiously shot with a Canon T1i and various lenses. After picking up some point and shoot 35mm cameras, I went with the Canon EOS-3 which is full-frame, as compared to the T1i. Now the 50mm feels like a 50mm because there’s no crop.

    Shooting digitally, I can go through a 16gb card in no time. Now with the EOS-3, I find myself taking my time. It’s fun and since the digital developing is $7, I can justify it.

  • stamati

    Oh, so you skip the physical prints? That’s not a bad idea. You are right that with film you take more time to compose shots… something to be aware of for those who use digital.

  • Wade

    Try a 6×6 TLR …. You know you want to ….

  • I am also shooting with an Eos-3 and I love it. It gives me exactly the feel I want and I find that my shoots come out better because I am much more selective with my shots.