Circle A: Custom All-City Pedals Nov 8, 2010


Wow. What a coincidence. Here I am, sitting on Geekhouse‘s zebra-striped couch and just posted the new All-City Wallner Pro pedals when Marty showed me these custom Circle A pedal cages. What pedals did they choose? None other than All-City track pedals. Jeff, you gotta get a pair! The Circle A logo looks bad-ass!

  • these look A MILLION times better than the wallner pro’s!

  • Those are hot hot hot hot.

  • Icarus

    How do these two guys do so much???

  • pedaler

    those are nice Wellgo pedals.

  • matt

    oh damn! those are some hot QBP pedals…

  • Tsar

    It’s like a fancy anarchy symbol!

    These look totally sick. I might have to look into them.