Cinelli True Story: A Confused Supercorsa Nov 30, 2010


This is amazing. Over at the Cinelli True Story blog there’s a superb story on the history of this Supercorsa:

“Last week an artist friend of ours wrote in with some photos of Cinelli track frame he had bought on a recent trip to Berlin. He wrote because several irregularities in the frame’s production (mostly the English threading of the bottom bracket shell) had caused him to wonder whether the frame was not actually a Supercorsa Pista but perhaps some export-only variant (such as the later Olympic and “Superpista” models).”

Keep reading here at Cinelli’s True Story.

  • I remember Antonio coming to our shop maybe 2 years ago, he looked at the frame, but didn´t really bother checking it out more… He was more interested in our chairs, that were made out of Columbus tubing as well… Hey Lodo, you´ve seen that frame too:) We had that bike forever on our site and the guy actually got a way to good of a deal. We found the bike at the same time we got the tandem, . In former East-Germany, they were happy to get rid of the old steel frames, so they can buy some new stuff for the kids… The tandem was a bike used by the East-German National team, so was the SC probably too… We do collect a lot of bikes, but you can not collect everything, it is always hard to part with a bike that´s been to our shop for a while, but at least the Supercorsa went back to bella Italia… Ride Safe!

  • The pictures where actually shot by Maria Therese Laub!

  • Dape

    Man, that’s a beautiful frame. Jealous.

  • Dean

    Awesomeness. Those guys know the steez!

  • Here is the finished bike, looks nice!

    ride safe Matteo!