Broadway Bombing 2010 Nov 26, 2010

This is NYC. Awesome edit Crihs!

  • Jake Ricker

    Fuck yeah!

  • nathan

    for what its worth big ups to anyone who films above fourteenth street, and even more love to people who know how much of a thrill it is to ride from broadway down from 235th through past soho. im glad to see people know that its beautiful to ride uptown. i spend every week day biking from goulden ave to fortwashington and 181 and im glad to see my route filmed. this might be the inspiration to start putting a cam on my bars and seeing what i can capture.

  • ericeffinb

    Amazing!! Good music, fast riding, cant ask for more than that.

  • logan A

    thats so sick, makes me wanna ride NY soo bad, maybe ill getta chance to next year,

  • Matt G.

    First off great video. That looks like a spectacular ride, I know how much of a thrill it is to ride faster than traffic and to blow through stop lights. In fact I only recently stopped riding this way. I get that this extreme riding came out of biking as recreation rather than transportation. My question is this: Does the riding portrayed in this video oppose initiatives to integrate biking into the public transportation system of NYC (bike lanes, etc) by glorifying riders disregarding others on the road for their own recreation?

    Specifically I’m talking about the skitching on cars, and cutting off pedestrians in crosswalks or riding on the wrong side of traffic?