Brad from Geekhouse’s Rockcity Track Nov 9, 2010


I linked to some photos on the Geekhouse Flickr before of this bike and you probably saw some photos of it in my last A Day in 10 Photos entry. It’s Brad from Geekhouse’s first bicycle build: his own Rockcity track. I’ve spent a lotta time hanging with Brad this week and he’s a super rad guy, which is evident in this classy build!

Check out some more photos below.


Rather than polishing the badge, Brad decided to just leave it painted over.


The signature Geekhouse track ends.


With Phil Wood hubs, EAI cog and Phil lockring.


Shiny as hell!


Brad cut out his brake bridge to barely clear a 23c tire. So tight!


WIth the signature Yo Marty! fork and a Chris King headset.


Track drops look so beastly on this build!


The Arundel “Gecko” bar tape is super tacky and great for riding in the rain.


I love this bike. Brad did a smash-up job on his first build in the Geekhouse shop. Solid! Check out some more photos at my Flickr.

  • Djr

    Clean build and beautiful frame. I can’t wait till mine gets started.

  • rediculous! that embossing is SOFA KING WE TALL DID…

  • usheen

    whats the story about his bell?