Bmore Fixed: Glass Skid Nov 28, 2010

Photo by Keith Teket

It was a rather warm weekend here in the Northeast. The Bmore Fixed crew took full advantage of the high temperatures and took to the streets. Check out their weekend photos here at their Flickr.

  • chain looks really weird.

    awesome though.

  • Woah, mirrored image or LHD?

  • LHD on Sams Affinity. The chain is weird cause hes skidding through a pile of shattered glass…

  • just curious, what does what he is skidding through have to do with the way his chain looks? it just looks a little loose honestly..

  • Chain looks funny b/c tension is on the bottom when skidding; chain slack is on the top.

    And the glass thing too.

  • 4li5t4ir

    slack chain