Ask Prolly: Where are the Trails on the Way to Piermont? Nov 3, 2010


I’ve mentioned before that I love taking the trails to Piermont from 9W and when I do, people often ask where they are. While I can’t find the entrance on Google Maps (it’s a trail entrance right after the big descent), I can find the exit. As you’re coming down Piermont Ave, you’ll come across Bridge St. Standing on the bridge, you’ll see this entrance. That leads to a tail that snakes its way around and eventually terminates at 9W. If you get lost, the worst that will happen is you’ll look back around. It’s a beautiful ride filled with leaf-covered compact gravel and in some spots, broken asphalt.

Definitely worth the detour if you’re tired of taking 9W the whole way into Piermont!

  • Harry

    It’s called the ‘secret’ trail for a reason, Prolly….