Art In The Age: Bilenky Bicycle Works Nov 30, 2010

Good looks on this one Tracko. I love Bilenky! Check out more from Art in the Age on their Vimeo channel.

Via Spinwell.

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    I’m a fan of craftmanship when it comes to bikes and the detail that goes into making a custom frame but man…the prices are crazy IME… I’ve got a Jamis touring bike that’s taken me through hell and high water, beat up, broken and still keep on tick’n ..but shit, I just can’t see paying $3500.00 for a touring bike. Just seems kinda crazy and while these dudes make awesome bikes I question their business plan. I can’t imagine they sell too many bikes.

    Anyway, I guess me paying $5 for a CF racing bike so who am I to talk…but the money is in the groupset. :)