Aaron Chan’s Bunnyhop at the Grafa Opening Nov 2, 2010

Photo by Bum Ariffin

So when I asked for links to the Grafa Opening event, I got a ton of links in the comments. You can check them all out here but I liked Bum’s photo of Aaron’s bunnyhop. Did I really just post three black and white photos in a row? Also, what was Aaron’s height?

Check out the rest of Bum Ariffin’s photos here.

  • this guy is insane! period

  • Pen

    Bunnyhop will be higher if the rider Tall rite ?

  • Aaron’s around 6′ 2″ i believe.

  • kat williams

    this is the second highest, the highest is at other pictures where he hops the whole thing, plus theres an extra space between ther rear wheel and the cone