A Velodrome in Brooklyn? Nov 11, 2010


I love how I’m sworn to secrecy about all this cool shit and then it’s all over the media a week later! Haha. I’ve been talking with Jason from Affinity about this and I am so stoked to hear it’s getting some coverage:

“Greenpoint could get a high-tech bike-racing track to train the next generation of Olympians — if the city and the MTA ever stop spinning their wheels.

Inspired by a $7-million design competition for projects along Newtown Creek, Williamsburg-based Affinity Cycles owner Jason Gallacher and national cycling champion Andrew LaCorte have put together a proposal to construct such a first-class track, called a “velodrome” in some circles, on a city-owned lot on Commercial Street.

The facility would include not only the high-banked racing surface, but paths for BMX racers and a cycling training facility.

Gallacher estimates that constructing an outdoor velodrome on Commercial Street would cost about $500,000 — though it would take another $3 and $4 million to build an enclosed arena to house it for all-year use.

“Our goal is for this to be a center for cycling, not only for track racing, but for casual cycling,” said Gallacher, who makes bikes in his Grand Street shop. “In a perfect world, the project will end up in Greenpoint.””

Read more at the Brooklyn Paper!

  • Bobby D

    Snobbie has a point, Doesn’t the city already have a velodrome? In the less popular verison of brooklyn that some refer to as Queens. Shit, I live in philly and the only one we have is an hour and a half away. In bumble [email protected]%k no where. Why dont you drum up support for the one you already have? Since, its like only another 8 miles or so away from the proposed location of the new velodrome. Oh by the way prolly, thanks for the stickers at the Philly expo. Both my bikes are rocking them with pride

  • kylej

    no, this is the shit. however, the existing track is maintained by volunteers who love kissena. i’d say the real success will be getting the city to commit to keeping it sweet.

  • Bobby D

    in response ot kyle,

    That is aweomse that Kissena has volunteers, and that is an awesome idea about getting the city to keep it sweet, or maybe you meant swept, since it is outdoors. I know how to sweep something, i’m not really sure how to sweet something. Still why doesn’t the guy from affinity and the bike racer dude vow to support the exsisting velodrome instead of building another one. given that the MTA has hiked your fares again, wouldn’t that money be better spent on reducing fares for MTA users or countless other things that your city needs?

  • Ahab

    “paths for bmx racers”?

  • The MTA isn’t funding this project, its coming from private and other potential grants. Also, we fully support Kissena, in fact most of our team trains there and runs tons of clinics there. We would continue to support Kissena and hopefully get funding to plow the 400 meter dinosaur and build a nicer 250 or 333. If you’ve ever been out to Kissena you would know its hardly a viable velodrome and though we still love it the way it is or could be, a new world class facility with BMX trials and jumps and rec trails would be very appropriate in NYC. This would also bring a lot of revenue to the city and local businesses, not to mention six day racing, winter training and racing within minutes from the city. Why not?

  • bobby d

    very good point jason. Hopefully next time i’m in brooklyn I’ll be able to try it out.

  • tealleader

    Watch six day races in the middle of a harsh winter, sounds great!