A Thing of Beauty: The Phil Wood 12t Track Cog Nov 17, 2010


It’s no secret that Phil Wood makes beautiful bicycle components. From their bottom-brackets, which you never see once they’re installed, to their hubs, their made in the USA products are to die for. If you’ve ever owned one of their 12t track cogs then you know where I’m coming from here. Who would have thought that something so compact and tiny would pack such a beautiful punch!

  • I know your not using that on a actual Track Bike…Is that for some kind of CMX micro drive system your working on?

  • It was on one of Affinity’s Interbike tarck builds. I’ll be putting it on my Bruiser though!

  • shawn

    what size crank would you use for this? Also how does it compare to using a 16X48 setup?

  • 8pmhangover
  • Its from Andrew Lacorte our team director and current National Champ in the sprints. He runs 172.5 omniums with a variety of gearing depending on races or training. Andrew’s 6’3 about 225lbs