A Day in 10 Photos: 11.21.2010 Nov 21, 2010


It’s been a while right? Today I got my Yashica ME-1 loaded up and went out into the neighborhood to mess around with it. This camera is a crap-shoot. The aperture ranges from ƒ2.8 – 16, 38mm lens and you either set it for 3.3′, 4′, 5′, 7′, 10′ or ∞. I really had no idea how any of these photos would come out, but had fun today riding around shooting at some of my favorite spots. In this first photo, swampy makes a cameo…

Check out nine more photos below.


My roommate’s cat, Circle Face.


Newton Creek, Greenpoint.


FAILE’s Prayer Wheel. Here’s where I’m most surprised at the focus range.


The Manhattan skyline.




Autumn Bowl, R.I.P.


BOSS Architecture, in the Wes Jones sense.




For some reason, I feel like this should be a movie theater. So I totally went art school geek here but if you’re into this, check out more at my Flickr.

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    These are tight. surprised at the quality for such a rando yashica. have you decided which you like best out of the t4, ME1, and oly stylus epic? and where are the results of the photo contest!

  • Tyler Johnson

    I really like the last photo. Good work sir.

  • Jack, contest results tomorrow night. I like the Stylus the most for an everyday film camera. The T4 is overrated and pricey and the ME1 doesn’t have a flash and is too much of a crapshot with photos. That being said, I think it takes lovely photographs when wielded correctly. Just shoot with 800 film…

  • Nice! didnt know Swampdonky was getin up out there! he painted my company’s work van.

  • sprmkt

    that last building looks like the old odwalla building on franklin. i think vans bought it and put a park in there.

  • Wade

    Hmmm …. Makes me wonder if LOT-EK do BOSS work, and not just ’cause of the containers …
    You make miss film. Find an old Rollei or Yaschicamat and start shooting 6×6. You’ll LUUUUUV it ….

  • Alberto

    Good to see a local artist’s(Swampdonkey) work in NYC. Also keep up the good photos Prolly.

  • Charlie

    Yay! Pagan in the first picture.

  • ron

    I got an olympus stylus too!not the epic zoom though is that what you got? Your stylus photos look different than mine is it cause of the 800 speed film

  • allen

    what’s the address of that last building john?

  • I have the Stylus (black) not the Epic. I shoot mostly all 400 speed film, I only went 800 on the ME-1 because of the uncertainty of the focus…

  • Allen, Meserole and Kent

  • Durk Durka

    Those stacked cargo boxes is the giant blue screen for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire