A Day in 10 Photos: 10.31.2010 Nov 3, 2010


Last Sunday was the NY Bike Jumble at the Philly Bike Expo. While not as big as the previous few Jumbles, this one had some gems to be had.

Check out nine more photos below.


Schwinn Prologues were one of the many time-trial framesets that Schwinn produced in the 90’s. This one was immaculate!


The same seller had this stunning Paramount track bike.


You could also trick out your tarck with overstock from Bicycle Revolutions.


A Reynolds 531 Bob Jackson, from back when they were legit!


For a bit of fitting eye candy, La Colombe coffee brought out their HVan.


Such a rad coffee truck! The Citroen HVans are popping up everywhere now!


The Embrocation booth had a grip of cross tubies for your bike. All very cheap!


Need a nice roadie? This GIOS was pristine!


Meanwhile, back indoors, Cycling WMD had brought out his freak tallbikes. Yes, that’s a Bruiser tall bike! Sick right? Keep an eye here for more Philly Bike Expo posts! Check out some more photos from the NY Bike Jumble here on my Flickr.

  • Simon

    kinda random, but i figured if anyone knew, you (or whoever sees this comment) would. my question is about the bell in the first image. where do i get a bell that mounts like that??? i want one.

  • santiago

    oh SNAP prolly do you have more info on that GIOS ? i think it may belong to Fabio parra i see a Varta sticker on it, that’s from the colombian team in the 80’s i would love to get hands on that frame or at least know more about it,


  • duppyf

    Curious — how are Bob Jacksons no longer legit?

  • Ray

    Re: Bells


  • s

    yeah, why the snub?

  • Bob Jacksons have totally suffered a “quality control” in their framebuilding in the last decade. A quick side-by-side comparison is all you need. Take a BJ from the early days and compare it to the modern frames and you’ll see.

  • Harry

    Call Via Bikes in Philly
    606 South 9th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
    (215) 627-3370

    Ask for Davis – he’s got that Gios

  • Mitch

    Co-sign with Prolly’s comment the new Bob Jacksons are shit compared to the old frames. For the price of the modern bikes you could get a custom.

  • s

    @prolly & @Mitch
    about the BJ quality: really? I’ll have to keep an eye out.
    My ’05 track is just as pretty & solid as my 70’s roadie.
    It probably depends on the builder, they have a couple. They seemed pretty legit when I visited their shop 10+ years ago.

  • deadpet

    As a Leeds lad I’ve got to take exception to the slur on Bob Jackson – quality bikes and a quality shop to visit…even today!