A Day in 10 Photos: 10.30.2010 Nov 1, 2010


After riding down to Philly on my road bike, I ate a big dinner, got some drinks and passed out. The next morning, Fuzzy and I rode to the Philly Bike Expo (tired of hearing about this event yet?) and I went to work. When we rolled up at 10am, the place was already packed!

Check out nine more photos below.


After covering the 2010 NAHBS and the 2010 Interbike, the Philly Bike Expo felt like a cake walk and that’s not a bad thing. Tradeshows and expos can be overwhelming. The scale is immense and the people are, well, somewhat robotic in their ‘dog and pony show’ pitches. The Philly Bike Expo catered to a smaller crowd with an easily-digestible scale and one-on-one discussions. Everyone from framebuilders to importers had products on display.


This was the hands-down funniest bicycle company name I’ve ever seen. I think this model is called the “Nozzle”.


Royal H. Cycles had me spinning right round, baby right round.


Already feeling the need for fresh air, I headed outside for the Bicycle Revolutions Fixed Freestyle Contest Trick Jam, aka “fixie demo”.


The Sweathogs were down in full effect. Here’s Tony boosting the hip.


I didn’t catch this dude’s name.


And another angle from Sean’s barspin.


Drew, Tony and the un-named rider taking a breather.


When it came time to give away the $20,000 cash prize, Fuzzy decided to keep it for himself. He has plans on opening another shop that specializes in strictly hog farm needs. Solid investment man. Keeping the sweat hogs sweaty! I’m joking of course. There isn’t a demand for hog farms in Philly.

Check out a few more photos here on my Flickr!

  • aj austin

    but there is a demand for someone *cough cough drew* to send more sweathogs shit down to texas cause elliot never gave us any

  • I’ll try to bring some down to TEXAS with me when I get there December 1st k?

  • Lucky Man

    Some friends of mine spent a bunch of man (and woman) hours hand painting that disc wheel for Royal H. They did some intense research trying to figure out what patterns of black and white did what at certain frequencies (wheel speed). Once the wheel gets going the black and white start to turn into rainbows. Pretty sick since it was done by hand. What did you think of the Royal H track bike all chromed with a blue tinted clear coat? Personallly, I thought that was show stopping material. Thanks for the pics!

  • I thought the Royal H was pristine! My photos didn’t come out so hot (50mm lens + low light) so I’m going to try to shoot it this weekend in Boston.

  • Lowell

    What will you be doing up here in the 617

  • drew leshko

    Marcus is the un-named rider. AJ you serious? He kept it all for himself? dang