A Cultur Summer Road Trip Book Nov 16, 2010


Locked Cog
just dropped the news that Dave Beard’s photos will be a part of a Cultur Summer Road Trip Book. For $26 – $37, you’ve got options on either soft or hard back. Not bad!

  • THANKS JOHN!! Also thank you for your contribution to the trip. I would also like to thank everyone else who was involved as well. To the countless people and companies who let our guys crash and shown tons of hospitality. We are forever grateful! Be sure to keep an eye out on Dave’s work as more projects between us emerge. THANKS AGAIN!

  • T-bone

    What ever happened to the videos these fruits were supposed to put out?

  • t-bone

    Proceeds should go to freeing Justin Trailer!

  • elliot santillan

    road trip was fuckin awesome.

  • Fabian

    hahaha 3-0-5 that week was something else!