A Clip from Rally Nov 25, 2010

Nice 180 man! One of the things that impresses me the most about fixed freestyle bikes is the amount of abuse they take!

  • pd

    That sounds so horrible though

  • vin-E

    You’re Killin it dong moo!!!!

  • SFG

    this guy is will be next


  • allender

    sick clip, but i am so tired of the, ‘lets end the clip with my hand in the camera’ shot.

  • Mark

    Yeah, the whole “wave hand in front of the camera” is played out. It’s a carry-over from skateboard videos. After a trick/line the filmer would wave their hand in front of the camera so that when editing the raw footage down they could simply fast forward through the throw-away footage until they got to the hand-wave, which served as a bookmark for usable footage. At leas that is one of the explanations for it. For “bangers” and “hammers” (especially the “after black hammer”) the hand wave was left in for dramatic effect. Then people got carried away and it’s kind of lost its charm.