5th floor & Brother Cycles: Track or Treat Nov 2, 2010

Considering my Halloween experience this year included arriving in NYC by Bolt Bus and riding home only to be ripped off my bike and harassed by the NYPD, I’d say this group ride looks like a good time! The 5th Floor and Brother Cycles organized a group ride starting from Trafalgar Square, London through the night and finishing at Brighton Pier. Angus Sung shot this video and I’m diggin it!

  • Be thankful you gave the NYPD a whiteboy tick on the racial profiling stats.

  • jordan

    loved that video, just needs a little better ending

  • EM

    Cops ripped you off your bike?! Where you breaking any traffic laws? They have been much more bike active these days handing out guidelines and giving tickets. Please more details.

  • ohhhhh what did ya do? did it have to do with that super sweet spice holder you have in your handlebars!