2010 Philly Bike Expo: Jamie Swan’s Engin 29’r Nov 5, 2010


Philly is home to many talented framebuilders. At the Philly Bike Expo, Engin cycles presented this gorgeous 29’r. Unknown to most, this bike was a trade between Engin and Jamie Swan. Jamie built Engin a road frame and they build Jamie this 29’r. Not bad! The details on this baby are to die for! And the color! Can’t beat it.

Check out more photos at my Flickr!

  • wade

    953 … Jesus H Christ …

  • Dinosaurt

    Am I missing something or are there no complete shots of the bike? The lugs do look tits from what I can see.

  • It was impossible to get a drive-side shot. I’ve got a few with people obscuring parts of it at home. I’ll add it when I’m back in Brooklyn…