2010 Philly Bike Expo: Icarus Frames Nov 1, 2010


The 2010 Philly Bike Expo brought out some beautiful show bikes. Included in the bunch was Ian from Icarus‘ creations. Ian’s a funny guy and this shirt is just the tip of the ice burg. While I’m sure Marty at Geekhouse appreciated the gesture, I can’t help but think of what he’s got in store for Ian at the NAHBS this year. Payback’s always fun right? Anyway, on to Icarus’ bikes…

Check out more photos below.


In the end, it’s all about having fun and creating beautiful things, like this oil painting.


Seriously though, on to Ian’s bikes. While he didn’t bring out any monstrosities like the Leviathan, the two bikes he had were show-stoppers.


A track bike and a road bike, each with unique detailing and a gorgeous wet coat.


I think by now, the seat tube cluster is Ian’s favorite area on a bike. All of his frames have such a unique cluster that it’s hard to look at any other part of the bike!


Especially with his sinister glare staring over your shoulder!


This road bike was clean as hell.


Here’s Ian’s hand, blocking my shot and explaining the fabrication process to a inquiring mind.


The feather keeps you light.




I think this is one of Ian’s nicest builds.


A timeless track bike with superb detailing.


Nicely done man! I’ll be seeing you this weekend! Be on the look out for more from the 2010 Philly Bike Expo right here!

  • wade

    WHOA!! I thought that track bike was clean, but then it took a while to notice the fade in the paint, including the fork. Would love to see some close-ups of the jounts – looks like “half-lugs” (?) welded or fillet brazed onto the tubes? Trippy detail! Very stealthy smooth bike. RIGHTEOUS!

  • seth

    this bike was a real jaw dropper

  • agi

    Ian’s exclusive interview on Fixed Gear Athens:

    Ian, I want one of those t-shirts!

  • Wade

    Cool that Ian’s in the old Merlin space. I remember seeing them weld there in the early ’90’s. The next Tom Kellogg? …