2010 Philly Bike Expo Cycling Accessory Exhibitor Mash Up Nov 1, 2010


The Philly Bike Expo brought out many beautiful bicycles and it offered up affordable booths to small companies who wanted to get their product’s names out to the cycling population. One of those companies was the Philly-based Fabric Horse. Known for their Lock Holsters and other accessories, Carrie and Mary have been busy cranking out products for their ever-growing line.

Check out some more vendors below!


The ever-popular Utility Belts are great for carrying everything you need without a bag. For the inner cowgirl in you, the Spats are perfect for your cold fall rides.


Fifo Cycle also had a booth at the expo.


This small, grassroots company specializes in cycling caps and their offerings were a huge hit at the expo. What’s this strange bag you ask?


It’s a Backgammon set complete with fabric pips!


R.E.Load‘s booth was packed with products, including the Throwback Flight Pack.


… and everyone’s favorite treat. Apologies for the lack of more photos, the lighting was horrible in the convention and a lot of the photos came out blurry or out of focus. Keep an eye on the blog for more 2010 Philly Bike Expo posts!

  • shoulda upped that ISO while you were shooting in the expo! looks like you were shooting at around 400, probably could have gone to 800 or even 1600 with the sensor in that camera being what it is and the images not end up being terribly grainy. plus some photoshop magic can take care of that!

  • I was at 800 and I’ve learned in the past that 1600 is too much, even with Noise Ninja for this camera’s sensor. The 7D and 5Ds are better than my T1i

  • I don’t really mind shooting at 1600 with my T1i when light conditions dictate, since most of my stuff just goes on the web at 1000 pixels.