Wrahw Welcomes Tom LaMarche Oct 5, 2010

You can’t fuck with Delco and you can’t fuck with Tom LaMarche. No one touches this guy. Solid Blood Fam edit from Torey. Don’t miss that last clip, shit had me gasping!

  • bakerbones

    last clip was so intense! i thought he was gonna fuck up that bail so badly! LAMARCHE!

  • Burd

    Tom! Killing it! Almost literally too… amazing as always.

  • Oh damn!

  • Tyler Johnson

    Tom is the only reason fgfs has any legitamacy…. so fucking good. Glad he did not die from that crash. WTF! DELCO!

  • Go Gnarly!

  • Aj Austin

    ^ Amen Tyler. Tom Lamarche will save us!

  • Aren

    that gap was huge!! holy shit!

  • Tom that was absolutely AMAZING! Like I said it doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you look good doing it!

  • c dub

    Crazy tricks and the end was crazy. I wish someone could make a .gif out of that.

    Is the breaking shit really necessary though?
    Those bulbs are very toxic and whoever cleans that up is going to risk serious health effects. At least don’t include that in your “edits”.

  • seb

    tom has tuck and roll down.

  • Craig

    Ohh, man, I legitimately exclaimed “HOLY SHIT!” at that last clip. Now everyone in the library is looking at me weird. That’s the craziest crash I have ever, ever seen.

  • kinship

    little nerd from bootleg sessions grew up. i remember this skinny jean dude smashing it on the old BMW gangsta track, haha. good to see that he grew up into a real bro! reppin it for the fixie scene in a big way! track bikes are dead tarck bikes forever son!!!!111

  • rjcrouch

    All wrong ha

    Last part was fucking nuts

  • Brody

    Big up Tom!!!

  • prettyboy

    Some awesome riding, really solid and looks clean.
    It was crazy how he was vertically upside down because he was still strapped in. Lucky bastard just gets up and walks off.

    Also what c dub said, there’s no need for that shit.

  • Andrew Paskievich

    that front flip was scary. BMX/skate scary…
    it makes me feel better about not wearing a helmet…
    because if you ride hard enough, if you crash just just flip over and land safely on you feet/ass.

  • James

    Not a fixed gear bike. In the first clip he hops the gap and DOES NOT pedal in the air. In fact he does not pedal on any hops and in the last clip, when he spins his wheel, the cranks don’t move.

  • James, you don’t have to pedal when you hop and you’re wayyyyyy off the mark here buddy. Tom is riding fixed in the entire edit homie…

  • Dape

    I wanna watch that bail in slo-mo.

  • aj austin

    if you pedal in the air on your hops when riding fixed that just means you fucking suck, not that your on a freewheel.

  • M Watt