Wolf Drawn: Phoenix Straps Edit Oct 16, 2010

A year ago, it’d be hard for me to post this edit that’s supporting a complete knock-off of Hold Fast‘s FRS but that was the old Prolly. Hell, I absolutely love watching Matt Spencer ride and I honestly don’t care what foot retention he’s riding, as long as he’s riding for the love of the sport. That being said, here’s the latest from Wolf Drawn repping the Phoenix straps.

Matt’s almost to the point of giving Karl Poynter a run for his money! Almost.

  • Jame-E

    i gotta hand it to you prolls i didnt think youd put this one up. glad to see your loosening up a bit when it comes to hold fast copies.

  • Thanks for the post John.

    You should check out the v2 straps though. I was a ” I’m only ever going to run holdfast” person. But this design eliminates the buckles above your foot that sometimes hurts the top of your foot. Super comfy.

  • TT

    This shit rules! DARK AS FUCK!

  • colin

    sickkkk. hold fast all day though.

  • aj austin

    feetbelts 5 life

  • I don’t really care about material – certainly because brands helps me – but I really love simple, perfect tricks that people say about “how does he does that?”