Vindata – Night Sky pt.1 Oct 13, 2010

Untz untz untz untz. Big spins, wheelies, trackstands and techno. This is the debut video from Southern California’s electronic duo Vindata and I had a good time watching it, even if it’s not my kinda music (hold off on the dubstep jokes guys).

Thanks for sending this over Dan.

  • Marty

    Good to see PBR make a appearance.

  • aj austin

    anyone else remember back in 2007 when we use to ride real track bikes and everytime we’d ride around town magically techno would start playing…

  • Edward

    Anyone know what frame the long haired fellow is rockin?

  • Harry

    Dude with long hair may not be jumping shit but he has cleaner style than 90% of FGFS peeps!

  • the dude w/ the long hair is on a Volume Cutter, like a V1 i think.

    his flatland style is very smooth, but he has never progressed past it, he has been doing those same lines for over a year now, but has refused to progress w/ the scene. to each his own of course, if he has fun, more power to him.

    this video is LOLs for days though, really w/ those skids? and skidding into the PBR? come on!

  • L

    that definitely AINT techno…..cheesey.