Tyler Johnson for CULTUR Oct 19, 2010

Cultur is making moves and their sponsored riders are making movies. Here’s the latest from Tyler Johnson and Cultur. So into this man. Stylish!

  • dennis

    he even gelled his hair

  • cory

    what the fuck!

  • There are very few guys out there with style on these bikes and Tyler is definitely one of them.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I have a fade now, so I gotta keep it in place. Can’t be looking wack even if I am riding.

  • allender

    tyler johnson, classy as fuck

  • Just do it Tyler! ;-)

  • hnrk

    the freeride mtb scene from 97 called and wanted their double stair jumps back. :)

  • Skyler Kohnson

    The cars are moving backwards…

  • Rico

    You want to be in him?

  • snewman

    yo tj did you get your fade at valentine’s or what? killer bike jumpin btw.

  • fineasspimp

    The cars are moving backwards…”

    HAAAAAAAAAAA! fuck! laughing so damn hard!

  • Steve B

    Holy fuck.