Tuesday Teardown: Electric Wizard – Black Masses Oct 19, 2010

“Venus in Furs” is the first single off the most anticipated release of 2010 (well, for me anyway), Electric Wizard‘s Black Masses. This single is much more promising than “The Processean”, a previously-released track from last summer. “Venus in Furs” proves that the Wizard still has it, coming through with dark-as-fuck rock and droning amps. All hail Electric Wizard!

Be on the look out for Black Masses November 1st.

  • Moneyfire

    Been really stoked on this for a while. Can’t wait to throw this on for some cold ass early morning winter rides, music as brutal as the weather.

  • Mike

    Things look up, Electric Wizard have still been unable to match the gory of Dopethrone, this comes pretty close.

  • Void

    Seeing these maniacs next week at the London Halloween show.
    Thanks for the vid, this is easily the best bike blog.