The Simplicity of the Track Stand Oct 25, 2010


There is still nothing more impressive than to watch a well-seasoned track racer slow to a stop during a match sprint, only to pull off a track stand.


All that power, just awaiting their opponent’s weakened stance. A moment to spring forth with such fierce strength. The track stand, in a lot of ways was the beginning of fixed freestyle. From this position came the backwards circle and decades later, came riding fakie. Sometimes it’s easy to forget where these bikes originated from, but images like this show us the beauty and timelessness of the track bike. Those are two Beautiful Bicycles.

I’ve had these two photos on my desktop for a little while now and I cannot, for the life of me find photo credit. Does anyone have a source?

  • blair

    trackstands have always reminded me slightly of the BMX gate start. two very different techniques, but each is just a silent moment before a burst of power. with the BMX gate start, you’re on a slight downhill (the starting hill) with your front wheel pressed against a 2-foot tall (ish) gate that’s perpendicular to the ground. you balance at that point until the gate flips down and then you blast off.