The Ride of Firdauz Haron Oct 19, 2010

Going fast on a track bike will never get old:

“Firdauz Haron rides 22km every day back and forth along the most busiest freeway in Johor Bahru and he rides fast.”


  • Boy needs a helmet.



  • raphael

    and some bar plugs

  • cj

    not crazy with the vocals but the music is bad azz- anyone know who dat is?

  • where are his lights??
    dudes gonna get pwnd

  • fyx

    Why has no one mentioned that this guy has POWER and his riding is awesome to watch?

  • FYXactly

  • dontcoast

    wow that made me miss ripping big city traffic @ 17 with no helmet/lights/bartape

    wouldnt do it now but man was that fun

  • rooklie

  • jewel

    what kind of frame is that?

  • thanks john for posting this up. the song is by Tesseract – Deception, Concealing Fate Part 2. frame is eighthinch scrambler v2.

  • TjFixed

    tesseract FTW